Different Types of Crane and Their Uses

Crows Feet are the cranes we commonly associate with the industries related to moving and storing heavy goods. Moving and storing products from one place to another can be a very time consuming process if one does not have the correct cranes for the task. There are many different types of cranes which are used in different industries. Let us take a look at the common cranes and their main uses.

DescriptionA crane is usually a mobile kind of mechanical machine, commonly equipped with hooks, chains, sheaves or metal ropes, and other shears, which are used to move and lift objects vertically and horizontally. It is primarily used for moving heavy items vertically and moving them to different locations. It can also be used to help in the construction of buildings, dams, bridges, towers, telecommunication masts, cable towers, silos, tanks, trenches, palaces, museums, etc. The list of different types of cranes used in various industries is endless.

Types of cranes: There are many different types of cranes available to help in the different kinds of loads that are handled in the construction and related industries. For example there is mobile gantry crane, which are designed to lift loads vertically; cranes, which are designed to lift loads horizontally; cranes, which are used to move and drop loads; cranes, which are used to transport cranes and loads; cranes, which are used to install and dismantling cranes. There are different types of cranes for carrying out different kinds of jobs. As far as the types of cranes are concerned, they are as follows.

Trolley cranes: These cranes are of low-cost and high-quality construction. They can be easily shifted from one location to another by using a flatbed trailer. These cranes are good when it comes to loading and unloading heavy lifting materials. This type of crane can lift loads of up to 300 tonnes and have a life expectancy ranging between five to eight years. The cost of purchasing this kind of crane is around $1500 and its life expectancy is around eight to ten years. The main advantages of this kind of crane are that it is easy to handle, flexible, safe and efficient.

Rigging cranes: These cranes are mainly used when lifting lighter building materials and products. A wide range of equipments are used in the rigging process like winches, ladders, cables, winches, etc. There are different types of crane rigging available, like: wire rope rigging, drum rigging, double drum rigging and multistage rigging. The cost of rigging cranes is approximately the same as that of an electric hoist and costs approximately around $1000.

All-terrain cranes have a maximum height of around fifteen feet. It has a maximum weight of around twenty-five hundred pounds. Electric, gas and hydroelectric all-terrain cranes are the most commonly used. Hydraulic cranes are also used but are not recommended for applications where the damage could be permanent. They can work in both indoor and outdoor applications and have a higher risk of accidents. The cost of hydraulic cranes is approximately half that of electric and half that of gas, making them affordable for many businesses. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gantry_crane.

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